Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers
Kingdom Hearts: Adventures of Krystal
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Homeworld Pride Lands
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Role Villain
First Appearance The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
Voiced by Nana Visitor (English)

The Lioness, and Cruel Villain, Zira Appeared In Kingdom Hearts Series Such as The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Series, Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Of The Wars, and Kingdom Hearts: Aqua's Journey.

Story Role

The Return of the Chasers

Before Simba overthrew his uncle Scar, Zira was one of his mates. Together they had two children. A son named Nuka, and a daughter named Vitani. She later mated with another lion resulting in her having another son, who was named Kovu. Because of Nuka's incompetence Scar decided to choose Kovu to become his successor of king of the Pride Lands. Shortly afterwards Simba returned and fought against Scar and the hyenas, and in the end Scar was devoured by his own servants. Zira and all others who were loyal to Scar were banished to the Outlands where they lived for several years. Zira raised her children and ruled her subjects in their struggle to survive.

Years later Simba's daughter Kiara went to the Outlands seeking adventure.

Adventures of Krystal

We see Zira first hand when she tells her son Kovu of the death of her mate, Scar, who was slain by Krystal. While Kiara is first hunting away from home, Vitani and Zira intend to burn Kiara alive. Kovu betrays his mother and he and Krystal save Kiara. Zira, angered that Kovu has betrayed his blood, tells Vladimir Makarov the bad news. During a walk in a gorge, Nuka ambushes the heroes. He tries to chase the heroes of the logs of the gorge, but Cookie Monster dislodges the logs and crushes Nuka to death. Zira thus plans to avenge the death of her son and kill Simba and his friends for caring for Kovu. After Vitani betrays the villainess, Zira is left to fight Krystal and her party alone. At the fight's conclusion, Kovu angrily bites his mother and then throws her to her death.


When Sora and Company Met Zira, and its Villains. The Pride Lands Saved after Scar's Death, and Zira Has Began forought its Destination, When Zira Said to its Wrath on the Final battle, "Who will Survive My Destiny?!" And Then Sora said "We will End of our Line!" Then He and its Allies Began to Destroy Zira and Plunges the Keyblade in Her Body, Killing Her. and Zira Was Decapitated by Simba and Falls to its Death.

Aqua's Journey

Universe XP Kingdom Hearts


This is a video of Zira from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

My lullaby - The Lion King II

My lullaby - The Lion King II

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