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Zack Fair
Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers
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Role Protagonist/Antagonist
First Appearance Final Fantasy VII
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Zack Fair is a Final Fantasy character that made his first official appearance in Final Fantasy VII and first Kingdom Hearts appearance in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He returns in Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers as Iblis' (Chernabog's) current apprentice.


Birth by Sleep

Zack appears in Olympus Coliseum. Zack has been seen fighting against Terra under Hades's control, used as a Dimension Link, and talking with Ven and later fighting the Unversed alongside him and Hercules. Later, he


was seen asking Aqua out on a date. Aqua shakes her head and arms in embarrassment.

In the ending credits, Zack is seen leaning against the door to Olympus Coliseum while watching Phil train Hercules. A black feather flutters behind Zack, and he looks around in surprise. All that is then seen of him is a single feather drifting down where he once stood.

Apprentice of Evil

The feather was from Sephiroth who took Zack to his master Iblis. Iblis offered to train Zack in how to be a great warrior, and promised him that with his help he could one day be a great hero. Zack accepted and was trained by Iblis and Sephiroth and eventually his original heroic mentality was diluted and he became dark like them, and did many terrible things in service of his master.