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Kingdom Hearts: Adventures of Krystal
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Homeworld Disney Castle
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Role Supporting Character
First Appearance The Fox and The Hound
Voiced by Sandy Duncan

Vixey is the lover of Tod. She sought refuge in the Disney Castle, fearing of Tod's capture.

Story Role

Vixey is first seen while Daisy Duck and Cookie Monster bathe with her. While her fur is washed, Vixey takes a loving to Cookie Monster much to his googling eyes. The Muppet thinks she could be her second lover, despite that he has love for Krystal. Beauregard mentions Vixey while he is cleaning her room.


  • Do you think Tod's going to be alright, Cookie monster?
    • Cookie Monster's response:Yeah, me sure of that.
  • (seeing the mine detector test go bad for Beaker)*laughs* Oh my gosh, he's so funny like that!