Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction
Katakana {{{katakana}}}
Romaji {{{romanji}}}
Japanese {{{japname}}}
Homeworld {{{world}}}
Other residences {{{world2}}}
Role {{{role}}}
First Appearance {{{first}}}
Voiced by {{{voice}}}

Use this template on Character Pages.


  • Game is the first Kingdom Hearts game they appear.
  • Homeworld denotes the world where the character comes from. If unknown, write the world where they first appear.
  • Other residences denotes the other places in which the character has lived.
  • Role used to denote whether the character is an Ally or a Villain.
  • First denotes the original appearance outside of Kingdom Hearts. The sole exception is with original character, in which case the first must (naturally) refere to the first Kingdom Hearts game they appeared in.
  • Voice is the box where the voice actor who is credited to the character goes to.