Spyro is one of the many characters encountered by Sora in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Spyro is a young, brave dragon from Dragon Shores. Somewhat headstrong and sarcastic, but also fearless. He is always accompanied by his best friend Sparx. They join forces with Sora on several occasions, fighting villains such as Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto and the Sorceress who are using the Heartless to plunge their worlds into darkness.


Dragon Shores


The Forgotten Realm

In Battle

Spyro is capable of a wide array of physical and magical attacks, most of which are carried over from the original Spyro trilogy. His main attack, Fire Breath, is exactly what it sounds like - Spyro breathes fire which damages enemies. Charge involves Spyro running headfirst into enemies, ramming them with his horns. With Head Bash, Spyro jumps on top of an enemy, leaps into the air and slams down headfirst. Superflame is essentially a supercharged version of Fire Breath with greater attack power and a far greater range. A rarer attack is Ice Breath, which acts much like Blizzard magic, temporarily freezing enemies and damaging them as the ice cracks. Spyro's limit, Dragon Flight, has Sora ride on Spyro's back and fly across the arena. Spyro will spit Superflame fireballs, Sora will shoot bolts of Fire magic and hit nearby enemies with the Keyblade. The finish, Kamikaze, is a dive bomb into a pocket of enemies which causes an explosion and a shockwave.

If Sora is in the path of one of Spyro's fireballs, he can use the direction command Redirect to deflect it towards a nearby enemy.

Battle Quotes

  • "You don't stand a chance!"
  • "Let's show these punks!"
  • "I'm feeling dizzy'...'' (low on HP)
  • "Sorry, Sora" (defeat)
  • "Ready for round two!" (revived)
  • "All better!" (revived or healed by party member)
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