The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Anime
Kingdom Hearts: Dark Of The Wars
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Homeworld The Galactic Kingdom
Other residences n/a
Role Hero
First Appearance Kingdom Hearts III: The Return of the Chasers
Voiced by David Gallagher

Riku is a main character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is A Keyblade Wielder, And A Fallen Friend Whose Close to Redemption in Kingdom Hearts III: The Return of the Chasers. Kingdom Hearts: Night of The War, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Of The Wars, And Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Anime.


Night of the War

Dark of the Wars

Aqua's Journey

Universe XP Kingdom Hearts

When Riku Met Sora and His Commanders, He Was Useful at This Time, In All of Sparks in A World. Not Only about it, Optimus Prime Met Espio The Chameleon And Potentions to Do. Then Riku Then Uses Keyblade armor to Wipe out the Enemy Drones. Then He Considered to Brace Yourselves on the Force Field.

Kh3 riku keyblader

Riku Transforms to Keyblade Armor to Wipe Out all Enemies.

The Keyblade Warrior Returns in the Galactic Harbor, He Was Shocked over the Place, But Sora and Riku were Losing energy while Ironhide Came in.

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