Xsarc or Raxsc
Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers
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Homeworld Pride Lands
Other residences N/A
Role Villain
First Appearance Kingdom Hearts III: The Return of the Chasers
Voiced by James Horan (English)

Raxsc is a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts III: The Return of the Chasers. Raxsc is Scar's Nobody, who was created when Scar submitted himself to darkness and turned into a Heartless. His Nobody name is an anagram of his name with an x added like with other Nobodies. Also like other Nobodies Raxsc is made of Scar's body and soul. He resides in the Pride Lands. Despite the picture used his appearance is identical to Scar but has a white mane, lighter colored fur, his eyes are blue and grey, and his scar is Mauve.


During their first visit to the Pride Lands Sora, Donald, and Goofy helped Simba overthrow his uncle Scar. During the battle Scar was being beaten by Simba so embraced the darkness and turned into a Heartless. Even with this newfound power Scar's Heartless was destroyed.

Raxsc like other Nobodies appeared in Twilight town. Using dark pathways Raxsc eventually found his way back to the Pride Lands.

After completing the storyline in the Pride Lands and getting farther in the game the heroes can return to the Pride Lands. The heroes go to the elephant graveyard and attacked by strange animal like Nobodies called Beastials. They continue fighting their way deeper until they enter the now abandoned hyena den. They look up and see Raxsc standing on a ledge above them. Raxsc then roars and leaps down at the heroes, instigating the fight.

Later In Mouse Kingdom, Raxsc Arrived again to Face-To-Face Zack Fair and Defeat The Scar's Nobody While Ratigan Was Fighting Off Sora and Basil.


Raxsc is very powerful and difficult, being a secret boss. Raxsc is primarily a close range fighter but can fire sonic roar blasts if an enemy is too far away and is running. After a while Raxsc jumps back onto the ledge and roars to summon more of his Beastial Nobdies and the heroes are forced to fight a wave of them. After all of the Beastials are defeated Raxsc jumps back down and the battle with him continues. Every once and a while Raxsc will leave the fight and summon another wave of Beastial Nobodies that the heroes must defeat before Raxsc jumps back down again. After losing most of his health Raxsc will do an extremely mighty roar which will mak the cave begin to crumble making rock fall from the ceiling which will damage the heroes if they are hit, so the rocks must be evaded. The battle continues like this until Raxsc's HP is out.