I have a series of fan fiction that pertains to Kingdom Hearts. It's called, as suggested by the title of this article, Organization XXVI. As of right now, Parts I, II, and III have been posted, but only parts I and II are complete. The story is very complicated, and you may need to read any chapter more than once to understand what is truly going on. Also, as of right now, Part III is the end of the 'semi-conflict' era of the series. Part IV, when posted, will be the beginning of a whole new war, which you can all help me with! That said, I need a name for a brand new enemy to put in the series, but you have to read before you give suggestions.

Here's the link to Part I: [1]

Here's Part II: [2]

As of right now, here's the final part of my Kingdom Hearts fan fiction series: [3]

After reading, please give me feedback and ideas. I will take anything, and I mean ANYTHING as a good idea.