Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction


Novade is the Strongest of the Dark Chasers and a born wielder of the Darkness, his incredible powers and Leadership skills have given the Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed a chance in which to strike back at the Realm of Light.�


Novade was the Main Antagonist of the 2nd Keyblade War over a Hundred Years before the Original Kingdom Hearts happened, he is in fact nothing more than a kind of Parasite that absorbs energy from the Darkness in his host's hearts, unlike some of his allies he has control over the Darkness and has mastered the best way in which to use it.

Other Interpretations

He is considered to be a form of "Dark Blaid" with his powers over Darkness severly outwaying that of his allies, he wields the Chaos Reaper Keyblade which is ironically the Keyblade that Blaid removed from Isabelle and Master Xehanort gave to Terra.