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Muppet Studios is a world based on the 2011 Disney film The Muppets and it's 2014 stand-alone sequel Muppets Most Wanted.


Kingdom Hearts 5.5 Cycles of Time

Sora, Pooh and Piglet visit Muppet Studios, where they meet Kermit the Frog (who joins the player's party). The four must help get the Muppets back together and plan a fundraising telethon to prevent the evil Tex Richman from demolishing the Muppet Theater and tapping into the source of pure darkness that lies underneath. Sora, Pooh, Piglet and Kermit help the Muppets run their telethon but must also cope with Richman's plans to flood the Muppet Theater with Heartless and create more Heartless for Maleficent's army. With Kermit's help, Sora, Pooh and Piglet discovered that a giant Heartless has been consuming their hearts after the Muppets fill them with joy and laughter. Sora, Pooh, Piglet and Kermit defeat the Heartless, and the audience applauds them for their best performance yet.

Kingdom Hearts 6.5 Order of Shadows

TBA. Based off Muppets Most Wanted.


  • Kermit the Frog (Peter Linz)
  • Walter (Peter Linz)
  • Fozzie Bear (Eric Jacobson)
  • Miss Piggy (Eric Jacobson)
  • Gonzo (Dave Goelz)
  • Animal (Eric Jacobson)
  • Pepe The King Prawn (Bill Barretta)
  • Rizzo The Rat (Peter Linz)
  • Rowlf The Dog (Bill Barretta)
  • Bunsen Honeydew (Dave Goelz)
  • Beaker (David Rudman)
  • Scooter (David Rudman)
  • Sam The Eagle (Eric Jacobson)
  • Uncle Deadly (Matt Vogel)
  • Bobo The Bear (Bill Barretta)
  • Tex Richman (Chris Cooper)
  • Constantine (Matt Vogel)


Kingdom Hearts 4.5 Keyblade War

  • Mean Streak (Heartless)
  • Doc Hopper (corrupted with darkness)

Kingdom Hearts 5.5 Cycles of Time

  • Barrel Crab (Heartless)
  • Tex Richman

Kingdom Hearts 6.5 Order of Shadows

  • Devilish Puppet Master (Heartless Type Boss Fight)
  • Constantine

Differences from the film

Kingdom Hearts 5.5 Cycles of Time

Muppet Studios' storyline follows the plot of The Muppets (2011) fairly closely for the first visit, but there are a few key differences to fit the world into the Kingdom Hearts universe:

  • A new backstory exists for the world. The Muppet Studios world hosts an untapped source of pure darkness that filled its inhabitants with despair. Sora, Pooh, Piglet and the Muppets had a theater built on top of the source of darkness to keep it sealed away, and so that the Muppets could perform in the theater, filling anyone in the area with happiness and laughter instead of sorrow.
  • Sora, Pooh and Piglet replace Gary, Mary and Walter, the three supporting characters from The Muppets.
  • Instead of oil, Tex Richman now seeks this source of pure darkness to create more Heartless for Maleficent's army; however, the Barrel Crab Heartless boss is a reference for Tex's plan to drill for oil in the original movie. When Richman notices the enormous crowd that has gathered for the Muppet Telethon, he also plots to flood the theater with Heartless in order to convert the audience members into Heartless themselves.
  • The Muppets themselves treat Pooh and Piglet as celebrity cartoon stars, while not knowing who Sora is (and forgetting easily).
  • Fozzie Bear now performs as a stand-up comedian at the Pechoolo Casino, instead of as a member of the Moopets; this is due to the Moopets' absence from the game.
  • The Muppet Telethon no longer features the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Forget You" acts. Instead, a minigame sketch featuring Pooh and the Swedish Chef is included.
  • Due to celebrity Jack Black not appearing in the game, Pooh and Piglet are the hosts of the telethon.

Kingdom Hearts 6.5 Order of Shadows

Muppet Studios' storyline also follows the plot of Muppets Most Wanted (2014) fairly closely for the second and final visit, but there are a few key differences to fit the world into the Kingdom Hearts universe:

  • Demyx replaces Dominic Badguy, the secondary villain from Muppets Most Wanted.