Kingdom Hearts III: Vengeance
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Homeworld Agrabah
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Role Villain, Ally to Master Xehanort
First Appearance Aladdin: The Series
Voiced by Wil Wheaton

Mozenrath is a Villainous Sorcerer, Who Served itself within Jafar.

Story Role

Kingdom Hearts III: Vengeance

Mozenrath is a young sorcerer who was raised and trained by the evil sorcerer Destane in the Land of the Black Sands. Destane was sadistic and ruthless and Mozenrath became very much the same. He eventually betrayed and overthrew Destane, and turned him into one of his undead henchmen, the Mamluks. He then ruled over his dark domain, the Land of the Black Sands and gained his close companion Xerxes, a flying eel. He also became a feared sorcerer for his age, gaining powers that rivalved even Jafar before he became a genie.

Dark of the Wars

Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Anime

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