Kingdom Hearts II ½ is a fan fiction "midquel" to Kingdom Hearts II. As such, it can be seen as an expansion.


KHII ½ is set sometime between the Battle of Hollow Bastion, in which Sora, Donald and Goofy fought off a massive invasion of Heartless led by the insidious Organization XIII, and the final showdown at The World That Never Was. Traveling to new and increasingly unique and diverse worlds sometimes expanding vastly beyond Disney property while also revisiting some older ones, they see how far the Heartless have spread. During their travels, they are continually harrassed by several vengeful foes - Pete, Maleficent and Hades - and two bumbling medium-ranked Nobodies called Nilmax and Xerruy. 

Main antagonists



Summon Summon Gem Gem Location

Dimension Charm

The Space of Alien Hunters


Umbrella Charm



Guardian Charm

Olympus Coliseum

Bahamut Brave Beast Radiant Garden
Benjamin Gates Declaration of Independence Twilight Town
Bolt Dog Collar Destiny Islands
Brandt Light Bulb The Space of Alien Hunters
Bumblebee Autobot Insignia Radiant Garden
Ceodore Sword Charm The Space of Alien Hunters
D0g City Scanner Eye City of Angels
De Nam Pretty Crystal The Forgotten Realm
Desh Mystery Blade Hell Hall
Draco Dragon Scale The Dragon Realm
Fang Eidolon Charm Prydain
Faris Glaive Charm Port Royal
George of the Jungle Funny Monkey Wild Jungle
Herbie Hubcap Charm Jurassic World
Inspector Gadget Gadget Charm Treasure Planet
Jack-Jack Parr Lolly Pop Charm Metroville
Joe Ape Charm Skull Island
Kenai Bear Paw Arnhem
Kuzco Imperial Llama Perfection
Lightning McQueen Racer Charm County General
Maggie Cow Bell Dregovia
Master Chief Mjolnir Charm Earth
Maui Fishhook charm The New World
Max Goof Family Heirloom Disney Castle
Milan Molenaar Mercenary Badge Dregovia
Nanaki Crimson Thirteen Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters
Penelo Magic Charm Jumanji
Pepita Alebrije Feather Pandora
Pikachu Pokeball Foras Corpus
Puss in Boots Rapier Charm Far, Far Away
Remy Chef Hat County General
Reno Red Hair Charm Monochrome Mansion
Roger Rabbit Bunny Frame Looney Tune Land
Rover Dog Ball Charm Monochrome Mansion
Saphira Dragon Fang Avalar
Shane Wolfe Pacifier Elysium
Sparx Dragonfly Wing The Forgotten Realm
Tarzan Wooden Spear Pandora
Toaster Household Appliance Andy's Room
Tod and Copper Friendship Charm Middle Earth
Tramp Tramp Stamp Traverse Town
Tron Computer Chip Charm Radiant Garden
WALL*E Robot Charm A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Warrior of Light Hero Glow Super City
Zack Soldier Charm The Cretaceous



Keychain Requirements Abilities
Defibrillation Unit Talk to Doug Ross after completing the first visit to County General. Defense Boost, MP Boost, Cure Boost
Ol' Painless Complete the Predator scenario of the Space of Alien Hunters Strength Boost, MP reduced.
Dark Dragon Bought for 5000 Munny from Moneybags in The Forgotten Realm Fire Boost, Fire Resistance Boost
Strange Shape Complete the Space of Alien Hunters. Slow Burn- enemies receive continual damage after a combo has been completed, similar to damage from Alien acid.
Great Grizzly Treasure chest inside Burt Gummer's basement after completing Perfection. Big Bang - shoot a huge bolt of energy from the Keyblade, mirroring Burt's Grizzly Single Shot rifle fron Tremors 2. Also Strength Boost.
Croatian Lucky Charm Received from Luka Kovac after completing the fourth visit to County General. Jackpot, Defense Boost
Iron Blade Complete the Iron Man 2 scenario on Earth. Defense Boost; Finishing Blast ability (similar to Explosion).
Creator Complete Dregovia. HP Converter - changes enemy drop rates, ensuring they drop more HP balls.
Non-Existent Blade Complete Foras Corpus Allows access to Sonic Blade ability without using Limit Form. Sonic Blade deals double damage when wielding this Keyblade in Limit Form. Also Strength Boost.
Olympia Defeat Tommy Vercetti in Olympus Coliseum. Guard Break, reduces MP
Dream Blade Complete Freddy's Nightmare Stun Blast
Dino Fang Defeat the Spinosaurus on Isla Sorna. Magnet Boost, Drive Boost.
Infinity Blade Complete the Avengers: Infinity War scenario on Earth, Finishing Plus, Dark Resistance Boost, Strength Boost, MP Boost.
Saber of Light Talk to Yoda after defeating Darth Maul. in A Galaxy Far, Far Away. Thunder Boost, Critical Plus, Combo Plus
Jungle King Complete Jumanji Strength Boost, Finishing Plus
Spellbinder Treasure chest in Merlin's house after the fifth visit to Radiant Garden. MP Boost, MP Haste
Na'vi Blade Defeat Toruk on Pandora. Cure Boost


Shield Requirements Abilities
Cap's Shield Complete the Captain America: Civil War scenario on Earth. Strength & Defense Boost
Demon Slayer Complete New Year City Guard Break, Dark Resistance Boost.
Shield of Gondor Complete Middle Earth. Second Chance, Defense Boost.
Dream Shield Complete The Dreamscape MP Boost, MP Gift Boost.
Great Barrier Defeat the Anglerfish in The Great Barrier Reef (KHII ½) Limit Boost, Once More
Ankylo Shield Defeat the Indoraptor in Jurassic World. Valor Form Boost, Defense Boost, Finishing Plus.
Reptilian Shield Complete the second visit to Super City. Thunder Shield - new Limit in which Sora strikes Goofy's shield to create a massive shockwave, similar to the interaction between Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield.
Dream Eater Guard Occasionally dropped by Dream Eaters in Freddy's Nightmare and the Dreamscape. Strength Boost, Critical Plus
Starfleet Shield Complete the first visit to Alpha Quadrant. Defense Boost
Cybertronian Shield Complete the first visit to Radiant Garden. Strength Boost, Limit Boost


Staff Requirements Abilities
Saruman's Staff Defeat Saruman in Middle Earth. MP Boost, Limit Boost, Dark Resistance Boost
Mystic Art Staff Treasure chest in the Kamar-Taj Library after completing the Doctor Strange scenario on Earth. MP Boost, MP Haste, MP Rage, allows access to Stop magic from the first Kingdom Hearts.
Godmother's Staff Defeat the Fairy Godmother in Far, Far Away. MP Boost, Finishing Plus
Dragon Staff Complete the fourth visit to The Land of Z Once More & Second Chance powered up, Defense Boost
Dark Staff Defeat Garlic Jr in The Land of Z Dark Resistance Boost, Critical Plus
Dying Star Treasure chest in Odin's Vault after completing the Thor scenario on Earth. Thunder Boost, Strength Boost
Fireball Complete The Cretaceous. Fire Boost, Fire Resistance Boost
Indian Staff Complete The New World Strength Boost, HP Boost
Data Rod Complete The Matrix. Wisdom Form Boost, Summon Boost
Fallen Staff Defeat The Fallen in Radiant Garden Thunder Boost, MP Rage


  • Various ideas from Kingdom Hearts II ½ eventually made it into the 'real' Kingdom Hearts III, namely:
    • A world based on Frozen.
    • A world based on Toy Story.
    • A world based on Monster's, Inc.
    • The return of Port Royal (though renamed 'The Caribbean') based on the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, featuring Davy Jones.
    • The return of Olympus Coliseum, with the addition of the Fire and Wind Titans.
    • The inclusion of Remy.
  • Through Disney's acquisition of Fox Entertainment, various non-Disney worlds and characters in Kingdom Hearts II ½ have retroactively become Disney.
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