Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 reMIX: Expansion are non-existent fan fiction DLC packs that gives the player more worlds to explore. Some of these worlds are not based off of Disney related properties, but instead based off of feature films and video games. Other worlds featured in the DLC packs are of Disney properties, but haven't been used in the Kingdom Hearts series. The graphics and textures are updated and in high definition just like

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 reMIX: Expansion

KH HD 2.5 ReMIX NA Boxart.jpeg

Release Date
Playstation 3
Sora, Donald, Goofy
Pete, Maleficent
Music Composer
Yoko Shimomura
Theme of the game
Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru

they were in HD 2.5 reMIX. In addition to downloadable worlds, Sora, Donald and Goofy get new features as well. Such as new abilities, forms, limits and spells. ALong with new content, new villains such as Dr. Facilier will also be pursuing Sora, Donald and Goofy, appearing in certain worlds in Expansion Packs 3 and 4. Riku can now be temporarily playble when Sora is defeated in certain battle, replacing Mickey. It also features a new game difficulty, Sora Must Die, which puts the player to the ultimate test.

How to access the DLC in-game

After purchasing the DLC, a new option called, Expansion, will be selectable right under Load Game. Select it and the game will take you straight to the Lanes in Between. After that, you can select the worlds that came within the pack. After completing all DLC worlds, there will be no end credits and you will be taken back to The Lanes in Between. You can go back to the Title Screen from there. All Keyblades and items that you have obtained in Expansion will be transferred over to the main story and will still be accessible.

Worlds In Expansion Pack #1

Worlds in Expansion Pack #2

Worlds In Expansion Pack #3

Worlds in Expansion Pack #4

Pre-ordered Worlds

If the player had pre-ordered the game, the Expansion option will be available and only three worlds will be selectable.


  • The DLC would be free the first week the game in released. After that the DLC will cost 9.99$ each.
  • The pre-ordered worlds will eventually be sold as DLC for only 5.99$ each.
  • The Expansion packs will not include any Gummi Ship areas.
  • The Expansion pack DLC is inspired by Xerruy's Kingdom Hearts II 1/2.
  • Two new songs, En Garde and Depths of the Darkness are present as battle songs in Expansion. En Garde and Depths of the Darkness are composed by GuardianSoul. Along with that, a few tracks from other Kingdom Hearts games are present exclusively in the DLC packs.