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 Kingdom Hearts 4.5 Keyblade War is an upcoming 2025 action role-playing game by Square Enix. It is a sequel to 2023’s Kingdom Hearts 4 and the first Kingdom Hearts game to include both Disney worlds and Non-Disney Worlds. It is scheduled to be released on June 12, 2025. Five sequels were confirmed; Kingdom Hearts 5 is confirmed for a 2026 release, Kingdom Hearts 5.5 Cycles of Time is confirmed for a 2028 release, Kingdom Hearts 6 is confirmed for a 2029 release, Kingdom Hearts 6.5 Order of Shadows is confirmed for a 2032 release, and Kingdom Hearts 7 is confirmed for a 2035 release.


After the events of 2023’s Kingdom Hearts 4, Sora, Pooh and Piglet go across new worlds to find out who is responsible for creating the Keyblade War, and it's revealed it was Thanos. With their new members, Paddington Bear, Al, Gus and Sisu, they can stop Thanos in time before it’s too late.



  • Sora (Haley Joel Osment)
  • Riku (David Gallagher)
  • Kairi (Hayden Panettiere)
  • Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings)
  • Piglet (Travis Oates)
  • Aqua (Willa Holland)
  • Terra (Jason Dohring)
  • Ventus (Jesse McCartney)
  • Roxas (Jesse McCartney)
  • Namine (Meaghan Jette Martin)
  • Xion (Alyson Stoner)
  • Lea (Quinton Flynn)
  • Ienzo (Vincent Corazza)
  • Tigger (Jim Cummings)
  • Rabbit (Tom Kenny)
  • Eeyore (Brad Garrett)
  • Kanga (Kath Soucie)
  • Roo (Tara Strong)
  • Lumpy (Amelia Stanger)
  • Mr. Curry (Nigel Lambert)
  • Miss Cassandra (Justine Clarke)
  • Flip (Richard Roxburgh)
  • Arnie (David Collins)
  • Barney (Shane Dundas)

New Members for Sora's Team

In addition to Sora's party, new members of Sora's party include:

  • Paddington Bear (Jonathan Kydd)
  • Dobby (Toby Jones)
  • Maya (Coco Jack Gillies)
  • Willy (Benson Jack Anthony)
  • Sisu (Awkwafina)




  1. Hogwarts (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone)
  2. Glacier Pass (Ice Age)
  3. Chicago (Home Alone)
  4. Robot City (Robots)
  5. MIB Headquarters (Men in Black)
  6. North Pole (The Santa Clause 2)
  7. The Wild Woods (The Wind in the Willows)
  8. Muppet Studios (The Muppets (2011))
  9. Sleepy Hollow (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
  10. The Jungle of Nool (Horton Hears a Who (2008))
  11. Pandora (Avatar (2009))
  12. Middle Earth (The Hobbit Trilogy)
  13. The Space of Alien Hunters (Alien vs. Predator)
  14. Jurassic World (Jurassic World)
  15. Land of the Bulls (Ferdinand (2017))

Final Fantasy

  1. Twilight Town
  2. Destiny Islands
  3. 100 Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh)
  4. Traverse Town
  5. Radiant Garden
  6. Keyblade Graveyard


  • This is the first Kingdom Hearts game to include both Disney worlds and Non-Disney worlds.
    • Through Disney's acquisition of Fox Entertainment, various non-Disney worlds and characters in Kingdom Hearts 4.5 Keyblade War have retroactively become Disney.
  • This is the first time Sora had seven members in his team, unlike the previous installments where Sora has two members (Pooh and Piglet) in his team. In addition to Sora's party, five new members of Sora's party include:
    • Paddington Bear (1997 version)
    • Dobby (Harry Potter)
    • Maya (Maya the Bee (2015 version))
    • Willy (Maya the Bee (2015 version))
    • Sisu (Raya and the Last Dragon)
  • There are 15 worlds based off some films in this game.