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Kingdom Hearts 0.5 Crystal of Light is a 2023 action role-playing game developed by Square Enix and published by Disney Interactive Studios. It is a prequel to 2010's Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. It is also both a spinoff and a prequel to 2002's Kingdom Hearts and it stars Tom Holland as the voice of Zecker. A stand-alone sequel titled Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Ends of Echoes is releasing in 2025.


When the group of Heartless chase Zecker (Tom Holland) away from the town, he ends up miles away from home. Soon after, Zecker meets Sisu (Akwafina) and Snoopy (Bill Melendez). From there, they decide to travel together to embark on an epic adventure to reunite Zecker with his beloved family.


  • Zecker (Tom Holland): a heroic and adventurous teenage Keyblade wielder and the main protagonist. Like Sora did with Pooh and Piglet, Zecker decided to go off to see worlds with his two companions, Sisu and Snoopy.
  • Sisu (Akwafina): a blue female dragon who is one of Zecker's two companionships and the deuteragonist
  • Snoopy (Bill Melendez (archive audio)): a beagle who is one of Zecker's two companionships and the tritagonist
  • Blender (Kiefer Sutherland): Zecker's kind and caring father
  • Cathyra (Jennifer Hale): Zecker's kind and caring mother
  • Aqua (Willa Holland)
  • Terra (Jason Dohring)
  • Ventus (Jesse McCartney)
  • Lea (Quinton Flynn)
  • Ienzo (Vincent Corazza)
  • Rovanrec (Steve Blum): a ram horned demon who controls the Heartless and the main antagonist of the game. He develops a close bond with Xehanort, and he tries to teach Xehanort that darkness isn't something to be feared. He plans to turn Xehanort to Darkness as a part of his grand scheme. SPOILER: It is eventually revealed that he is actually the Black God Chernabog trapped in a weaker human form after his defeat at the end of the Keyblade War centuries before the events of the game. Manipulating events in order to roestore his great powers of old.
  • Marluxia (Keith Ferguson): a member of Organization 13 and the secondary antagonist. He did return in the prequel, despite his final appearance in KH3.
  • Young Xehanort (Benjamin Diskin): A teenager who had hailed from the Destiny Islands. He was ill-content with his limitations, and wanted And he eventually got that chance when he was discovered by a Master Tetsu, a Keyblade Warrior. Despite his good intentions he is often brash, and eventually finds himself allured by the powers of darkness. Though at first he tries to fight it.


Disney Worlds

  1. Pachyderm Circus (Dumbo)
  2. Forest Kingdom (Bambi II)
  3. Fields of Bravery (The Sword in the Stone)
  4. Lands of Darkness (The Black Cauldron)

Final Fantasy Worlds

  1. Twilight Town
  2. Land of Departure
  3. Hollow Bastion


  • This is the first and only Kingdom Hearts game to not to feature Sora, Riku, Kairi, Pooh, Piglet or Maleficent, despite being a prequel.
    • It is also the first and only game to feature Zecker.
  • There are 13 worlds total in this game.
  • It is revealed Twilight Town is Zecker's home.