Kingdom Hearts: Fall From Grace is a Kingdom Hearts game by Xerruy. It takes place between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, and serves as a prequel to Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light


Like Kingdom Hearts II ½KH:FFG consists of both Disney and non-Disney worlds.


Fall From Grace follows the story of three friends, Ottlé, Malin and Yerru, whose world is destroyed by the Heartless shortly after the events of the first Kingdom Hearts. They acquire Keyblades, causing them to attract the attention of Mickey Mouse and Yen Sid, who need them to deal with the Heartless so long as Sora, Donald and Goofy are asleep in Castle Oblivion. Meanwhile, a new cadre of villains is plotting to use the Heartless to conquer all worlds, kidnapping the Seven Princes of Light..

Main protagonists

  • Ottlé
  • Yerru
  • Malin

Main antagonists

Although Maleficent does not appear (she was defeated between KH and KHII), Pete is present, coordinating her council of villains. With the exception of Hades and Captain Hook, the Council is entirely renewed since the first Kingdom Hearts.



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