Horned King
The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Series
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Homeworld Prydain
Other residences World of Dark City
Role Villain
First Appearance The Black Cauldron
Voiced by Corey Burton

The Horned King Is a Villainous Lord Of Prydain, He Appeared In All Of Kingdom Hearts Series.


Return of the Chasers

The Horned King is the dark lord of Prydain. He seeks to conquer that world. He plans on using the fabled Black Cauldron in doing so. He is eventually found by Iblis who offers him an alliance as one of his top generals. The Horned King accepts since he is promised dominion over several of the worlds.

He eventually plans on taking over the group by overthrowing Iblis, and conspires with Judge Claude Frollo and Rasputin to do this Time. Since Sora Was Overpowered Its Keyblade and Explode Horned King.


Aqua's Journey

Universe XP Kingdom Hearts

Horned King's First Appearance During the Battle of The Starship Enterprise of The Episode 21, Crisis. He Can Uses Arawn and Destroys Many Heroic Autobot Battleships, And Disintergrates It. He is Recently Holds Under The Fallen's Army, And Was Suddenly Releases Dark Energy.

Horned King's Plot

Horned King Activating The Dark Energy, and Creates Souless.

With The Dark Energy Overpowerfully Across to The Vicious Objects and Creates Souless, The Evil Soul Enemies and The Dying Zombies of the Doom. He Gave to Voldemort to Revenged as Virtual.

Kingdom Hearts: Sisterhood


Disney Villains - The Horned King

Disney Villains - The Horned King