Glacier Pass

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Glacier Pass is a world based off the Ice Age franchise.


First Visit

Sora, Pooh and Piglet arrived here with a splash, literally. As they got up, they see an odd party consisting of a mammoth, a sloth, a sabre-toothed tiger & a live human baby. Sora, Pooh and Piglet sensed light in the child, so they go up to the group & asked several questions. The sabre-toothed tiger seems bothered by the questions & challenges Sora, Pooh and Piglet to a fight.

Once the fight is over Sora, Pooh, Piglet & the tiger exchange apologies. The tiger reveals himself as Diego, & introduces Sora, Pooh & Piglet to Manny, Sid & Roshan, the mammoth, sloth & baby respectively. Now knowing that the trio only want to return Roshan to it's tribe as soon as possible, Sora, Pooh & Piglet journeyed with them, only to run into a land infested with dodos. The dodos want the child, so Sora, Pooh, Piglet, Manny & Diego fends off the dodos long enough that Sid can carry him off to a safe place.

Later they go to rest at a empty patch of land. They eventually wake up to find Diego & Roshan missing. Sora and Piglet believed that Diego ran off with the baby (after all, he had sensed darkness in his heart earlier), but Pooh, Manny & Sid think otherwise. The decide to split up to find the child of light.

While looking for Roshan, Sora, Pooh & Piglet ran into Scrat, a funny-looking rodent, sniffing along like a dog. Sora, Pooh & Piglet saw that it is following a trail of footprints, oddly like Diego's. The four team up & follow the trail, not knowing that a group of sabre-toothed tigers are watching them from a clifftop, anxiously waiting Diego's return.

Sora, Pooh, Piglet & Scrat follow the path to an ice cave, where they meet up with Manny & Sid. No one has seen Diego, but they believe he is in the cave. When they go inside however, Heartless cause an avalanche, which blocks the entrance, in which the group yet notices.

After journeying for a while in the cave, Sora, Pooh, Piglet, Sid, Scrat & Manny come across four small holes. Each go down one hole, which turn out to be slides. During the slides, Sora spots Diego & Roshan racing along the slides too. An effort to rescue Roshan fails, & Diego manages to escape.

The six eventually come to some cliffs, where they come face-to-face with Diego & the rest of the tiger clan. Soto, the leader, wants to extract the boy's light. Sora, Pooh and Piglet fended him off & almost defeated him, until Soto bats him aside. When Roshan was inches away for extraction, Diego delivers the finishing blow, defeating Soto & freeing his heart (Sora’s Keyblade stabs him in the confusion).

Diego apologizes to the group, saying that his darkness got to him. Everyone forgives them & then Sora, Pooh and Piglet decided to leave, for more worlds are in trouble.

Second Visit

TBA. Based off Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

Third Visit

Sora, Pooh and Piglet returned to the land, where Manny and Ellie are expecting their first child, and Manny struggles to make life perfect and safe for the family as he's determinated to not let his new family having the same fate his old family had. At the same time, Diego decides to leave the herd because he thinks he's losing his edge and isn't meant for the family life. Sid begins to wish for a family of his own and takes three apparently abandoned eggs that he finds in an icy cave and calls them Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko. Manny tells him to put them back, but Sid ignores him and looks after the eggs, while Sora, Pooh and Piglet are helping him secretly. The next morning, the three eggs hatched into three baby Tyrannosaurus rexes.

Meanwhile, Scrat arrived and met Sora, Pooh and Piglet again. However, Sid tries his best to raise the three dinosaurs, their rambunctious behavior scares away all the younger animals and ruins a playground Manny built for his child, which angers Manny. Not long after, a female Tyrannosaurus rex, whose eggs Sid stole, returns and carries both Sid and her young underground, with Diego in pursuit. Sora, Pooh, Piglet, Scrat, Manny, Ellie, Crash and Eddie follow as well and discover that the icy cave leads to a vast subterranean jungle populated by dinosaurs thought to be extinct. Here, an angry Ankylosaurus threatens the trio, Scrat and the herd despite Diego's efforts to fend it off. Then they are saved from a further crowd of angry reptiles by a deranged, quick-witted, one-eyed weasel named Buck.

Buck has been living in this jungle for quite some time and is fighting Rudy, a huge albino Baryonyx, intending to avenge the eye he lost to it when he was young with a knife he carved from one of Rudy's teeth. He agrees to lead Sora, Pooh, Piglet, Scrat and the Herd through the jungle's perils to Lava Falls, where the dinosaur has taken Sid and her babies. In the meantime, Sid and the mother T-Rex try to outdo each other in feeding the offspring; he loses this contest but is welcomed into the family regardless. The next day, however, Sid is separated from the family and attacked by Rudy. Sid is knocked onto a loose rock slab that is floating on a river of lava and about to plummet over the falls.

As Sora, Pooh, Piglet, Scrat and the herd moved toward Lava Falls, Ellie goes into labor and a Guanlong pack strikes, causing a rock slide that separates her from Manny and Diego. Sora, Pooh, Piglet and Scrat helped Manny doubled back to protect her and Diego fends off further attacks, while Buck takes Crash and Eddie ahead to rescue Sid. Just as he goes over the falls, the trio swoops in on a commandeered Harpactognathus only to be chased by a flock of Pterodactylus on the way and saves his life. Manny reaches Ellie just in time to hear the cry of a newborn baby girl. Manny initially wants to name the baby “Ellie” after her mother but Ellie suggests the name Peaches after the fruit and the code name she and Manny agreed to use to signal when the baby is coming. Sid is saddened at the fact that he never had a chance to say goodbye to "his" children as he returns to the trio, Scrat and the Herd and learns of Peaches' birth.

Before they can leave the jungle, they are ambushed by Rudy, who begins to attack them at full force. Working together Sora, Pooh, Piglet, Scrat, Manny, Sid, Diego, and Buck manage to trap Rudy by ensnaring him in vines. However, he quickly breaks free and resumes his onslaught. The trio, Scrat and the herd is saved by the timely arrival of the mother T-Rex, who charges at Rudy and knocks him off a cliff. As she and her children wish Sid well, Buck, now without a purpose in life since Rudy is gone, decides to join the Herd and live on the surface. However, a distant roar tells him that Rudy is still alive. Because of this he changes his mind and sends the Herd home, blocking off the path to the underground jungle at the same time. Manny and Ellie welcome Peaches into their frozen world and Manny admits to Sid that he did a good job looking after Momma's children. Diego decides to remain with The Herd, while Buck stays underground, happily battling it out with Rudy and riding him. And Scrat thanked Sora, Pooh and Piglet for saving the herd once again, who bid their farewell to him and returned to the Gummi Ship.

Fourth Visit

Sora, Pooh and Piglet returned to the land again, where Manny and Ellie are forced to deal with the trials and tribulations of their daughter Peaches, who has trouble fitting in with her peers. Ellie tries to support her daughter, but Manny becomes exceedingly overprotective. Meanwhile, Granny arrived. Manny then catches Peaches hanging out with a group of mammoths he does not approve of, causing a fight between him and Peaches. Shortly after, a sudden continental break-up separates Sora, Pooh, Piglet, Manny, Sid and Diego from the herd. Trapped on a moving chunk of ice with Sid, Granny, and Diego, Sora, Pooh, Piglet and Manny have no choice but to ride out the current. At the same time, a giant land shift encroaches on Ellie, Peaches, and those remaining on land, forcing them to make their way towards a land bridge in order to get to safety.

After extremely violent weather pushes them further away from land, Sora, Pooh, Piglet and Manny's group is captured by a band of pirates sailing on a floating iceberg led by a Gigantopithecus, Captain Gutt, who attempts to press them into his crew. When they refuse, Gutt tries to execute them; this leads to their escape, which inadvertently causes the ship and food supplies to sink. Gutt's first mate, a female sabretooth named Shira, joins them after she is rescued after being left for dead by her mates.

Sora, Pooh, Piglet and the herd washes ashore on Switchback Cove, which gives a current back to their home. Gollum arrived and met Captain Gutt, who has enslaved a group of hyrax and is using them to build a new iceberg ship. Sora and Manny coordinated a plan with some more hyrax to free their comrades and steal the ship, and they are able to create a diversion. But Scrat arrived and met Sora, Pooh and Piglet again. Just before they manage to escape aboard the ship, Diego tries to convince Shira to leave the pirates and join the herd so she can live a better life, but Shira, while initially accepting, instead stays behind and slows Gutt down so Sora, Pooh, Piglet, Scrat and the herd can escape. Gollum helps Gutt form another ship and plans to seek revenge on Manny.

After narrowly escaping a pack of sirens, Sora, Pooh, Piglet and Scrat helped Manny, Sid, Diego and Granny return home and find that not only has the land bridge been destroyed. But because of Gollum, Gutt has beaten them and taken Ellie, Peaches, and the rest of the herd hostage. A fight ensues, as Granny's pet whale, Precious, arrives and fends off Gutt's crew. While Gollum got away, Sora, Pooh, Piglet, Scrat and Manny defeated Gutt in a final duel on an ice floe and reunites with Manny's family and friends. Gutt subsequently encounters a siren that assumes the shape of a female Gigantopithecus, who tries to eat him alive by trapping him in a giant clam. In the aftermath, Peaches happily reconciles with both Manny and Louis, and Shira joins the herd and becomes a couple with Diego. With their home destroyed by the land shift, Precious takes the entire Herd to a lush island, where the hyraxes from earlier have already started rebuilding their civilization. And Scrat thanked Sora, Pooh and Piglet for saving the herd once again, who bid their farewell to him and returned to the Gummi Ship.

Fifth Visit

TBA. Based off Ice Age: Collision Course.


  • Manny (Keith Ferguson)
  • Sid (John Leguizamo)
  • Diego (Dennis Leary)
  • Scrat (Chris Wedge)
  • Roshan (Tara Strong)
  • Soto (Goran Visnjic)
  • Zeke (Mick Wingert)
  • Oscar (Diedrich Bader)
  • Lenny (Alan Tudyk)
  • Ellie (Debra Wilson)
  • Crash (James Arnold Taylor)
  • Eddie (Josh Peck)
  • Cretaceous & Maelstrom
  • Buck (James Patrick Stuart)
  • Momma Dino
  • Egbert, Shelly & Yoko
  • Rudy
  • Peaches (Keke Palmer)
  • Granny (Wanda Sykes)
  • Captain Gutt (Peter Dinklage)
  • Shira (Anna Graves)
  • Flynn (Nick Frost)
  • Squint (James Arnold Taylor)
  • Raz (Rebel Wilson)
  • Gupta (Kunal Nayyar)
  • Sirens (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Precious, the whale
  • Julian (Adam Devine)
  • Gavin (James Arnold Taylor)
  • Gertie (Stephanie Beatriz)
  • Roger (Max Greenfield)
  • Brooke (Jessie J)
  • Shangri Llama (Jesse Tyler Ferguson)


  • Sora: a saber-toothed tiger
  • Pooh: a sloth
  • Piglet: a possum
  • Paddington: same as normal, but without his blue duffle coat
  • Maya: same as normal
  • Willy: same as normal
  • Sisu: same as normal


First Visit

  • Zeke, Oscar & Lenny - Rowdy Rumble
  • Soto - The Encounter

Second Visit

  • Cretaceous & Maelstrom (1st) - Dance of Death
  • Cretaceous & Maelstrom (2nd) - The Deep End

Third Visit

  • Guanlongs - Dance of Death
  • Rudy - The Encounter

Fourth Visit

  • Sirens - Dance of Death
  • Captain Gutt - The Encounter

Fifth Visit

  • Crystal (Heartless based on it's name) - The 13th Struggle
  • Gavin, Gertie & Roger - The Encounter


  • Unlike the film series, Scrat in the Kingdom Hearts series is a party member, rather than a neutral character.
  • Scratte, Scrat's girlfriend, was not shown or mentioned during the whole storyline.
  • Time seems to flow faster in this world, seeming as how the first visit visit took place in 2002 (Ice Age), the second visit takes place in 2006 (Ice Age 2: The Meltdown), the third visit takes place in 2009 (Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs), the fourth visit takes place in 2012 (Ice Age: Continental Drift) and the fifth visit takes place in 2016 (Ice Age: Collision Course).
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