Lucius Best, aka Frozone, is a Disney character encountered by Sora in Kingdom Hearts II ½ and Kingdom Hearts III ½.



In battle


  • Ice Sword - generates a sword from ice which he uses to attack enemies.
  • Icicle Rain - shoots a barrage of icicles at enemies.
  • Snow Bomb - tosses a snowball into the air and uses his freezing rays to enlarge it. The snowball them impacts with great force, causing splash damage and a shockwave.
  • Ice Rink - generates loops and ramps from ice and uses them to ram enemies.
  • Freeze- freezes enemies. Whilst frozen, enemies can be destroyed with one Keyblade combo regardless of their HP. After a short while, however, they will break free.


  • Frozone's freezing attack is similar to the Gorgon Eye from God of War.
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