The Fire Titan is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½. It is one of the bosses at the Olympus Coliseum.


The Fire Titan is a massive creature made of molten rock. Other than a mouth, two yellow eyes and the occasional arms it forms, it is featureless. It has no legs, instead moving on a constant lava flow.

As a Boss

Expectedly, most of its attacks are fire based. Flame Breath can do serious damage, as can its Homing Fire which is similar to that of Maleficent's dragon form. Body Flop features the Fire Titan spilling its mass over the battlefield, causing shockwaves and fire damage. Lava Spill is similar to the Ice Titan's ice breath in that it will temporarily immobilize Sora - as the lava hits him, he is covered by it as it solidifies to rock, causing damage as Sora breaks free. Lava Bomb involves the Fire Titan spitting a ball at Sora, causing massive damage. Even if it doesn't hit Sora directly it will cause an explosion which does serious damage, and if Sora is outside the blast radius he will still be hit by the shock wave. The Fire Titan occasionally solidifies while performing its fire attacks, making it temporarily invincible.

Obviously, the Fire Titan is weak against Blizzard magic. Fire magic will replenish its HP and must be avoided at all times.


  • The Fire Titan's original name is Pyros.
  • The Fire Titan eventually appeared in Kingdom Hearts III.
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