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End of the World
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Origin Kingdom Hearts
Games Kingdom Hearts III: Vengeance
Kingdom Hearts Wii-U (Renamed Kingdom Hearts Party for Nintendo 3DS)
Ally n/a
Keyblade Wielders n/a
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Theme Music End of the World
Battle Music Fragments of Sorrow

The End of the World is a mysterious and dangerous region, it is the homeworld of the Heartless and from here they connect to the Realm of Darkness. Created from dark energy and the fragments of destroyed worlds, the most powerful of pureblood and emblem Heartless thrive here, while using numerous portals to journey into the other worlds and reek havoc.

The Great Old Ones

Though they come from the Realm of Darkness, the all-mighty deities called the "Great Old Ones" make this insidious world their lair. The Great Old Ones cannot take physical form, but are disembodied voice that can appear as whisps of dark elemental energy (ex: lightning, fog, fire, wind gust, whirlpool, black hole). They were the first beings of darkness created, as such they are the most powerful. As the lower beings of darkness thrived in the Realm of Darkness, some managed to enter the Realm of Light. Disocnnected for their own realm, they took the form of what the those in the Realm of Light percieved them as, monsters. This caused them to become beastly, illogical, and driven to feed on the hearts of others in an attempt to regain their own. The Heartless were born, and it is the Great Old Ones' mission to try and keep them in check, in order to keep the Realm of Darkness safe. They fear reprisal from the keyblade wielders if their realm is blamed for the actions of abominations that choose to take physical form. This fear is valid, given that the circle of violence has gone on for over a thousand years, one realm attacks the other and creates heavy casualties, until the balance between light and darkness is restored, then the other realm attacks and the cycle continues.