Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction


Destra is second in Command of the Dark Chasers and a known powerhouse, his abilities play on negating an enemy's power and then destroying the enemy, he toys around with Sora under the hopes his Lover will wake up.


Like all the other Dark Chasers, he has been around for a very long time before and after gaining his own body, for a long time he has been a Master of Weapons however he prefers a Magic Sword or even a Keyblade.

Keyblade and Skills

Destra's Keyblade is a Black and Red Version of the Two Become One Keyblade which he called Darkness Flooder, it has proven to be quite a tricky Keyblade as it tears holes in the Realm of Light and allows Darkness from the Realm of Darkness to be launched as an attack at the chosen target, it can also be used to mass summon Heartless and Break the Keyblade Seal on the Keyhole of Worlds. Destra's abilities have a negative effect on his opponents making them lose MP, Strength, Speed, Defence and Health during certain points during which he usually uses Darkness Flooder to either call forth Heartless/Nobodies or to do his "Pure Darkness" Attack by using the Keyblade; Destra's plans are to negate and destroy his enemies.