Kingdom Hearts: Rise of the Dreambender King
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Homeworld Disney World
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Role Ally, Key Bearer
First Appearance Kingdom Hearts The Heartless Syndicate
Voiced by Joe Jonas

Christopher J. Emosewa is one of the new main characters of Kingdom Hearts: Rise of the Dreambender King.

Jiminy's Journal

Kingdom Hearts: Rise of the Dreambender King

  • First Entry

A strange 12-year-old who seems to know more about us than we know. Whatever goes on in his head will be unknown until the end of time.

  • Second Entry

A powerful warrior from another world. In his world, everything about Sora and his adventures is a videogame series.


Christopher mainly wields a long, gold keyblade known as the Diamond Spirit. In-game, he can wield other forms, such as Left Behind, Fenrir, Darkside Kingdom Key, Starry Knight, Ancient's Staff, and others.

Other Weaponry

He also can use some of Donald's staffs and Goofy's shields. Some of which are Donald's Star Seeker and Goofy's Defender.

Battle Quotes

  • "Take This!"
  • "How about some more!"
  • "Idiots!"
  • "So prophecy was true."
  • "Empower the Dreambender Side"
  • "There is a Creator!"
  • "The Hour is upon us!"
  • "Destiny"
  • "Ahh!"
  • "You didn't have to hit me there!"
  • "Pain! I can still feel pain!"

Game Trailer

The trailer opens in on King Mickey and Queen Minnie sleeping while a thunderstorm rolls on outside. The king wakes up violently, waking Queen Minnie in turn.

  • Queen Minnie: It was probably just a bad dream.
  • King Mickey (panting): No, it was more than that. I saw a young king dying, Ansem survived that explosion in Kingdom Hearts, and all worlds in peril.
  • Queen Minnie: This isn't the first night you had that dream. What do we do?
  • King Mickey: What else? Call Sora.

The screen then changes to Sora and friends reading the same message in a bottle from KHII.