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Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers
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Homeworld Bald Mountain
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Role Villain
First Appearance Fantasia
Voiced by Malcolm McDowell

Chernabog is a dark and powerful being who serves as the main antagonist for Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers.

Biography (KH3:RotC)


Chernabog is the lord of all evil, and a being of pure darkness, and the ruler of the depths of Hell.


Eventually Chernabog met the fairy Maleficent and she gave her soul to him for her to empower her with the forces of darkness, and now acts as his disciple. So when she says, "Now you must face me and all the powers of Hell," she really means it.

Master and Apprentice

Chernabog would sometimes enter the other worlds, but in a disguised form to be less overwhelming to others. In that form he takes on the name Iblis, and appears to be a human with black hair, pointed ears, and green eyes. Eventually met an orphaned kid named Cloud Strife and took him under his wing turning him into his apprentice. Teaching him how to fight, and having him do several dark deeds.

After years of serving Chernabog Cloud decided to turn on him after being showed by a woman named Tifa the error in his ways. As Cloud tried to leave he and Chernabog fought a fierce battle. Eventually Chernabog decided to just extract Cloud's darkness from his body in the form of an Unversed, facing no resistance from Cloud who was afraid of his darkness. And thus Cloud's Unversed and Chernabog's apprentice Sephiroth was born.

Battle with Sora

During Sora's first adventure he fought Chernabog at the End of the World. After a long and hard battle Sora won, weakening Chernabog until he can re-attain his full power by returning to his realm through Bald Mountain. And in order to get there he needs the magical item called the Fantasia Gate.