• Mysterious X

    Since Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction and Ideas was under siege by some sort of a hostile beings to have adult content in the past years, an enemy known as KingdomHeartsBlows and other beings were defeated afterwards. Now there is a new plan to remade the entire Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction domain, replacing them into new, marvelous one. Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction's users wished to be loved myself, and thus will be return to their new home. Fellow ally, Xerruy and others will also to support to make Kingdom Hearts to be great at once. After Kingdom Hearts III will be released on January 29, 2019, everyone will be happy, and marked as the end of the Dark Seeker Saga.

    I'm sorry, but we have to create more of what remains of the Crossover characters,…

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  • Xerruy

    Crossover Galore

    July 2, 2018 by Xerruy

    Watching recent films has made me realize how much Kingdom Hearts was before its time. In 2002, Kingdom Hearts surprised many by its bizarre combining of Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Also, it combined Disney lore in ways never before seen in fiction. While Disney crossovers happened before - House of Mouse featured many Disney characters interacting (including a villain takeover oddly prescient of Maleficent's council in Hollow Bastion), and there was an episode of the Hercules TV series in which Hercules visited Agrabah and fought Jafar - it was never so intricate or large scaled. In Kingdom Hearts, various Disney cinematic  villains conspire to capture seven Princesses of Heart (most of whom are actual Disney princesses) while various chara…

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  • Nighlocktheawesome

    Check this stuff out.

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  • Eglal esam

    السلام عليكم انا جديدة هنا

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  • EmperorCosmicNeo

    (Set during the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2.....) 

    Sora and Riku looked at the door to light. Sora jumped from sitting and held his hand out to Riku. "We'll go together." Sora said. Riku nodded. "Right." Riku replied taking his hand. They both walked through the portal and back to the islands. The portal lead them to Destiny Islands' sea. Riku and Sora fell from the sky and into the water. Sora was the first to surface then Riku. "Sora! Riku!" a voice said from behind them. The two turned around and saw their childhood friend, Kairi waving towards them with a big smile on her face. Sora laughed happily and swam as fast as he could to get to his friend. Riku swam behind him and they reached the shore of the islands. Sora smiled when Goofy and…

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  • DragoonFlareJR


    August 30, 2011 by DragoonFlareJR

    MAy I ask who is in charge of this wiki?

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  • Xerruy

    What I Love About KH

    August 3, 2010 by Xerruy

    My joining this site did not go without its kerfuffles. Some people did/do not like the type of worlds I put in my fan fiction - Terminator, Predator et cetera. I'm going to take this opportunity to show where I'm coming from.

    When I was little I would imagine there was a world behind the TV, inhabited by all characters from my favorite movies and TV shows. Whenever I watched TV they'd just get on the other side of the screen and act out their movie or episode like a stage play before going back to their regular lives. I used to dream up stories or scenes of them working together, fighting each other or just plainly interacting in funny, cool or even fitting ways.

    Then came Kingdom Hearts.

    I had always been a Disney fan, and while I really liked th…

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