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Anastasia "Anya" Romanov
'Kingdom Hearts: The Other Side'
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Homeworld Kingdom of the Czars
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Role Party Member
First Appearance Anastasia
Voiced by Meg Ryan (English)



In the Year of 1916 the czar's were still in power over Russia. The current czar, Nicolas II found out that his wife Queen Alexandra's confidant the monk Grigori Rasputin was corrupt, and banished him. Rasputin in reply told Nicolas that he'd banish him and his family with a curse, saying that they'd be dead in a fortnight.

Rasputin sold his soul to the Devil to be granted powerful dark sorcery. Using it he made the people of Russia revolt, starting the Russian Revolution.

During the siege of the palace Anastasia tried to get away with her grandmother the Dowager Empress but eventually found themselves in a room with nowhere to run. The kitchen boy Dimitri opened a secret passageway and told them to run through it before he himself was captured. This was seen by Bartok, the albino bat assistant to Rasputin, who then warned Rasputin of her escape.

While they were running across a frozen river Rasputin jumped from a bridge above and managed to grab ahold of Anastasia by her foot, but the ice underneath him broke and he drowned in the river below, allowing her to escape.

Eventually they reached a train. The Dowager Empress managed to make it on as it started to move but Anastasia wasn't able to and pursued the train but tripped and hit her head on one of the rails.

In all of the confusion and chaos no one was certain whether she was alive or dead.


She did manage to survive, but because of the head trauma she suffered amnesia, and was found wandering around in the forest and was put into an orphanage.

Ten years later she still lived there, under the name Anya, and was being sent out be the head of the orphanage to buy supplies. They got into an argument before the Orphanage head mocked her as she left.

As a child she was given a music box from her grandmother inscribed with the words: Together in Paris. It was the only clue to her past so she argued with herself if she should try to get there, not knowing if she could, but in the end decided to after meeting a dog named Pooka that seemed to be trying to get her to head towards St. Petersburg. She thought it was a sign so she decided to head there.

On the way she found herself surrounded by a group of Heartless in the forest. Anya was terrified not knowing what they were. Suddenly Sora and company rushed in and managed to save her. Anya thanked them for what they did and Sora asked her what she was doing in the forest alone.


Anastasia singing in Anastasia.


02. Journey To The Past - Anastasia Soundtrack